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Not sure how to stop drinking…

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    The irony of me having to join this group is not lost on me. I have been completely clean from drugs for over five years, but it appears that in that time all I have been doing is trading in a drug habit for a drinking one. I recently didn’t drink for 6 days. The fact I know that, that I counted the days, shows me that there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about drinking. How I quit heroin without meetings or rehab, and didn’t even count the days sober, just stopped, but can’t shake this drinking thing, has me worried. I am actually a bit scared. I am having a hard time thinking of myself as an alcoholic, but recently I have started doing things while drunk that make me shudder. I keep telling myself that since I don’t drink “every day” or miss work or fail my classes, that alcoholic is too strong a description for me. But…if I want to stop drinking mentally but somehow end up drinking most days, even if it isn’t to the point of being very drunk, then there is something to be worried about, right? Just looking for a bit of guidance. Today is the first day I have ever decided to stop drinking, and I plan on sticking to it.


    Leslie Raddatz

    Hi vicki and welcome .My name is leslie and the people told me to read the dr opinion and more about alcoholism in the big book that gives a clear description of an alcoholic a clear understanding and a clear distinction of an alcoholic.Do you get into trouble when you drink? Can you control the amount you take?For me once i drank ,i couldn’t stop until i passed out and or ran out of booze.I am allergic to alcohol and when i pick up the first drink,it sets off a craving for more and also a mental obsession that is beyond control.Today I use a higher power to help me. read we agnostics that helped me understand that i could not do it alone. Again, try to read these two chapters they may help. Also the dr opinion in the big book. God bless



    Is there a big book that is easily assessable on line?



    Available in PDF here:

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