Narcissist. One of the most overused words I hear thrown around today — outshining even “existential” and “praxis”, perhaps. In many cases, though, as it was famously said: “I do not think it means what you think it means.” Those who favor hyperbole often label all sorts of people as narcissists, accurately or not. They’ll […]

Digging Deep

Every alcoholic has their own personal rock bottom. Once you’ve hit it, it’s time to stop digging. We don’t all take that advice, of course — but then again, it isn’t rock bottom if you can keep digging, is it? Sometimes we find ourselves losing friends, but that isn’t enough to dissuade us. Family goes […]

An Unsolved Case

Most of these blogs, in case you can’t tell, usually start with some random inspiration, are hastily written, and only later edited to make some sense (hopefully). In this case, I was learning about the history of violent crime and how it was studied in the latter half of the 20th century. You know, a […]

A Dry New Deal

I came across a study recently in which the compiled data was illustrated as a world map — with different countries being one color or another based on the average percentage of a citizen’s income they spent on alcohol. In the United States, we’re at just about 1%, which doesn’t seem so bad if you’re […]

Under Pressure

I was an avid diver for years. Living in Florida, but not close enough to the beach for day trips, cave diving was the norm. It’s probably some of the most dangerous and technical diving that one can do recreationally, but because of that I made a point of planning, preparing, and triple-checking everything. It’s […]

Alcoholism is Dark, and Full of Terrors

As one does, I often spend my Sunday nights watching Game of Thrones. If you’re not familiar with the series, I’ll try to summarize it in a sentence: it’s a medieval political drama set in a fantasy world that includes underappreciated giant wolves, dragons, magic, zombies, shape-shifting ninja assassins, pirates, nonsensical plot lines, often terrible […]