Online Meeting and Chat Rules

As with any open forum, there are rules. We have four very simple meeting rules. Since this website was built for the purpose of finding recovery through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, we also recognize ALL of the 12 Traditions as a foundation of how we operate. All of these meeting rules apply during non-meeting times as well.

  1. Be respectful: We’re all at different stages of recovery. As such, we all have different perspectives. This includes being disruptive or combative during meeting and non-meeting times.
  2. No profanity: Our chat client blocks many swear words, but some still make it through. We expect everybody to be respectful of this.
  3. Try to keep the discussion related to recovery: “Drunk-a-logs” and “war stories” should be a very minimal part of everybody’s sharing. We all know how to drink and use. We come here to learn how to RECOVER.
  4. Remain anonymous: This is the world wide web. This website takes every precaution to help protect your anonymity, but we can only do so if you do the same. Please keep your membership and sharing to your first name and last initial. And do not call others with a publicly identifiable name either.

Our chat meeting areas have moderators to help us to keep this a safe place for everybody. Moderators can be identified in chat by a check mark after their name. When a rule is broken, they will receive a warning from a  moderator. If the behavior continues, a person could be kicked from the chat area at the discretion of a moderator. When it knowingly continues, that person’s account could be closed and their IP address could be blocked from using the website by the webmaster. We certainly hope it never comes to that. We’re here to help each other.