Online AA Meeting Proof of Attendance

12 Step Online is one of the few websites that actually validate acceptable court-ordered AA meeting proof of attendance. Our court ordered online AA meeting verification or proof of attendance is different than most others offered online and is accepted by most jurisdictions because we validate your state ID, we verify your attendance AND participation in the meetings, we verify with an e-signature your meeting attendance and offer contact info for the court/probation office should they have any questions.

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Proof of Attendance FAQ

Who is Proof of Attendance For?

AA meeting proof of attendance is needed for many different people in many situations:

  • Court Ordered
  • Probation / Parole
  • Doctor / Therapist Ordered
  • Drivers License Review Boards
  • Parent / Guardian Ordered
  • Etc.

How Do You Verify My Meetings?

12 Step Online goes to great lengths to verify your identity and AA meeting attendance. Each member must submit a valid copy of their State ID or Passport to prove their identity. Additionally, each meeting submitted for verification is reviewed against chat logs to verify attendance and participation in the meetings. This level of scrutiny is why 12 Step Online is accepted by most courts where other websites offering the same service are not.

Do I Remain Anonymous?

Yes. Even though we collect your ID and verify your participation in the meetings, in accordance with AA’s/NA’s 12th Tradition, we will never share your identity or the content of what you shared with anybody for any reason. Our chat client only keeps 24 hours of chat logs for the specific purpose of protecting your anonymity. If a legal official ever contacts us to verify your meetings, we will only share the following information:

  • Verify that we validated your identity with a State ID / Passport (we will not share the actual ID that you submitted)
  • Verify that you were a member during a specific time period
  • Verify that you participated in a specific AA meeting (only if you submitted that meeting for verification)
  • Verify that a proof of attendance document has not been modified / forged

Why Is There A Cost?

In accordance with the 7th Tradition of AA, the meetings on this website are free to attend and are self-supporting through donations to the group. However, the AA Meeting Proof of Attendance service has a fee to cover the expensive licensing costs of the software that we need to purchase and maintain to provide this service. This includes the PDF generating software, e-signature software, and additional software to prevent the proof of attendance sheets from being modified / forged.

How Quickly Do I Receive My Proof of Attendance?

You will receive your AA Meeting Proof of Attendance in your email inbox as a PDF attachment instantly after submitting your meetings via the designated form.