The 12 Steps of The 12 Steps

Once we’ve been involved with any 12-step recovery program for a good amount of time, we start to gain confidence. We’re more familiar with the program. We feel better, our minds aren’t cloudy anymore, and AA starts to look a little bit easier. And so, the 12 steps of the 12 steps:

1. I don’t need to be here.
2. What am I doing here?
3. This isn’t so bad.
4. Actually, the coffee’s awful.
5. Might as well get a sponsor.
6. I haven’t held hands this often since grade school field trips.
7. This book doesn’t even have a wizard in it.
8. I hate everything about my sponsor.
9. That joke about “suggestions” and “parachutes” is getting stale.
10. Stacking these old, beat-up chairs is like playing Tetris.
11. You know, I’m kind of an expert on the big book.
12. Has it been six months already?


  1. Jarod

    That’s funny. Hope you don’t mind if I share this with others in the Early Birds Meeting.

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