• The lady that explained about validation !!! wonderful quote! Seems like an angel respectfully. I am thankful/reverent to read your blog!. Thanks.

  • I think maybe you saw my share, I hit rock bottom early this year, and I had another chance at working the program even though the rock bottom was not an alchoholic relapse, it was a workoholic thing that was going on with me. I am in workholic anonymous now as a result!. If it
    was not my share that you are referring to your in amazing blog…[Read more]

  • It is amazing as an Alcoholic to read your blog!!! I am 11 years and 3 months sober!!! I am go Meeting everyday!!!: Today I found this website for the first time!!! I am learning use it, hopefully I would not be discouraged. The Oracle says: ” Know Thy Self” and you are doing that! The clarity that mental illness and addiction like Alcoholism, and…[Read more]

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