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  • Acceptance is one the central concepts in recovery — after all, what would the first step be without it? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come naturally. Having spent 20 years of my life in and out of various 12 […]

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    Every alcoholic has their own personal rock bottom. Once you’ve hit it, it’s time to stop digging. We don’t all take that advice, of course — but then again, it isn’t rock bottom if you can keep digging, is […]

    • I’m cringing right now. Butterfly’s in my stomach

    • I’m running out of patience and going insane waiting for my husband to hit his rock bottom. His family still enables him, even after he attempted treatment a few months ago. His sister continued having him over for “cooking nights” which always turned into drinking and blackouts. His job is always there for him, even with several “sick days” every month. He has no duis YET, because I hide his car keys. His doctor gave him a high pass on his last physical, despite him eating junk food and passed out on the couch drunk so much. I am a recovering alcoholic myself, hit my bottom after being arrested trying to kick him out of my house using a pipe to defend myself against him, after he broke my arm, (he was not held accountable) and I have a domestic felony record now. If my employer found this out, I would lose my job, but his job is secure. I have countless police reports of me calling 911 for help because I did not approve of his drinking endangered his 10 year of daughter when she visited. My ex took custody of my daughter because of the constant drama here. He continues to drink openly around me, which creates a hopeless environment and so I relapse often. I am financially and emotionally dependent on him, ensuring he will always have a home because I’m not mentally able to kick him out. I have no family or friends due to his drinking, so struggle alone. My aa fellows do not intervene or help, tell me to read certain pages of the Big Book, fed up sponsors come and go. It is an endless cycle, with no end or bottom in sight. I would rather shoot myself before I go to another pointless al-anon meeting, or listen to the whining zoom aa meetings, telling me what I already know- it’s all my own fault I’m where I am and so will it not end. Rock bottom is an unreachable blessing to me.

    • Good story Wombat. It’s always nice to read things that remind me to stay sober and not pick up ever again!

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  • Most of these blogs, in case you can’t tell, usually start with some random inspiration, are hastily written, and only later edited to make some sense (hopefully). In this case, I was learning about the history of […]

  • I came across a study recently in which the compiled data was illustrated as a world map — with different countries being one color or another based on the average percentage of a citizen’s income they spent on […]

  • Confession, Prostration, and the Extreme You Makeover
    The initial steps in the suggested program of Alcoholics Anonymous exist to break down the facade you’ve created, whether out of pride or ignorance, that […]

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  • I was an avid diver for years. Living in Florida, but not close enough to the beach for day trips, cave diving was the norm. It’s probably some of the most dangerous and technical diving that one can do […]

  • As one does, I often spend my Sunday nights watching Game of Thrones. If you’re not familiar with the series, I’ll try to summarize it in a sentence: it’s a medieval political drama set in a fantasy world that […]

    • Thanks;
      I needed that.

    • Me too.

    • Really good one here thank you definitely helped me today

    • Very good

    • Hello

    • Great read!

    • Thank you, I honestly never thought that I would get to the point where I would just not remember anything. All I wanted was just a taste of alcohol to make me feel OK. Somehow it gave me a piece but that piece only lasted for a couple of minutes. Then I was drinking more, then I couldn’t remember anything that I said or did. I now really understand what they say this disease is cunning baffling and powerful. I am afraid of it and I need help. . I also believe that it is not me who is talking when I am drinking it is almost like another person has taken over my whole soul and spirit and heart and controlling me it’s really frightening.

    • Awesome this really hits home.

    • Well written. Good points all the way around. If we don’t deal with the underlying issues of our drinking and using, we may be substance clear, but not truly sober and clean.

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  • When I was a kid, my teeth were pretty messed up, and my parents were aware. At the time I wasn’t particularly concerned, but my mother knew that without some corrective measures, high school was probably going to […]

    • Great read!

    • Glad you now have your headgear on! I am enjoying your storytelling and applications to the 12 steps.

    • Les W replied 1 year ago

      Very good read for a newbie like me.

    • Hi this is the first time I have been on a blog and I find you quite interesting. I don’t know if I am as interesting as you are. Right now I am pretty sure I am at my bottom. I’ve done all the things you do on the way there. First I lost friends, family was next, the job was the next thing to go. I know I need to stop, I think of it everyday, just like I think like how I can get high. I know if I stop the bad things will stop

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